You will need a primary person to attend meetings and vote on behalf of your team; this does not have to be the team captain. As well as a secondary person should be appointed to attend in the event the first person cannot make a meeting. If you are not in attendance then you are not represented. A copy of all minutes will be forwarded to the team contact via email after each meeting. It is the responsibility of that person to distribute and notify teams as to what has transpired at the said meeting.

Team Registration

All teams are to be registered with the league before March 23rd 2024 Team fee is $1500 plus any outstanding fees from the previous season. Also a completed roster is required for league insurance purposes. Team rosters can be up to a maximum of 18 players (minimum 3 Ladies)

All Players must register with SPO for Insurance purposes.

There will be no refund after 30 days.

Fees and Rosters are required to have your team considered in good standing for the upcoming season. Players and teams not in good standing will forfeit their first league game. With a $40 default charge for each game forfeited.

All rules, information, schedule and standings will be posted on the league website.

Fielding a team

  1. 10 players is required to field a team
  2. Teams must have 9 registered players to start a game which consist of a

Minimum of 3 females. In this instance the 10th position is not an automatic out.

  1. If unable to do so, it results in a default and $40 is payable to the league immediately following the default.
  2. After the start of the game if you cannot field 9 registered players including 3 females in any inning, the game is a loss and not a default regardless of the inning.
  3. At least 3 females must play every inning (any position)
  4. If an in injury occurs during the course of a game the automatic out only occurs if that player loss brings you below the required number of players or females. (3rd girl injury=automatic out when she comes up to bat) (11th player injured=no automatic out required unless this brings you below 3 females).
  5. If the injury puts you below the required number of players 9 players the game is a loss.

Picking up Players

You can pick up to a maximum of 3 players from other teams to field a team of 10 players (maximum)This may consist of only one male picked up player, you may pick up 3 female players to field up to the maximum of 10. No team can pick up players to have more than 11 players unless that sub is the 3rd female.

All pickup players must wear their league jersey from their team. And be registered with our league and indicated as a picked up player on the game sheet. No one outside our league or someone who is not registered with SPO can be substituted in.

There is no player call ups in playoffs, unless approved by the league under special circumstances.

Player Requirements

No team shall play a player that is not registered to a league team. All players must be signed up to and insurance paid. The game in which such player is played would be a forfeit and could jeopardize the teams’ continuance in the league. A team may add players to fill their roster up Sunday June 11th 2023. Any changes after this date must be approved by the executive. All games to begin at the scheduled time and players need to be there and ready to play. Umpires can rule a forfeit by any team not ready to start on time. Male players must Play 8 full games and females 6 full games to qualify for play-offs.

Team Requirements



Each team is responsible for their own scorekeeping and having the score sheet signed by the umpire. Please use the same name on the game sheet that matches the players name on the SPO roster. All teams are required to keep the game sheets for record purposes. The game sheets will be collected occasionally to update games played and will be collected to help with the resolution of any disputed outcomes of a game and or break any season ties.

All teams will email the game scores to  Please have email sent out by Wednesday following the game. Scores not sent in will be considered a loss for the team that has not sent the score.


Team deposit of $80 is required to be kept at all times, in the event of a default. A team can default to a maximum of 2 times throughout the season. If a third default occurs the team is unable to play in the playoffs.

The default teams deposit will be used to pay the umpire and remittance of $40 is due immediately to maintain the default funds at $80.

If a default occurs during a playoff game the series becomes a loss to the defaulting team and the deposit is still payable to the league. Emergencies will be the only exception reviewed by the executive.

Teams must meet with the executive upon 3rd default to discuss continuing play with the league.

Rules of Play

  • A game has a maximum of 7(seven) Innings
  • 5 runs per inning except during open inning, which will be the last inning of play
  • Open inning will be called after 1 hour and 10 minutes (if not already in the 7th)
  • The distance between the bases is 65 feet; pitchers mound is 50 feet from home plate
  • Commitment line is 21 feet from home plate
  • No sliding or running over home plate. Runner will be considered out
  • No sliding at first base
  • Home plate is a wooden board, which is 24” x 45”
  • Pitching box is 50ft to 60ft 2ft width from home plate. Pitchers must stay within the box.
  • Home plate umpire is supplied and their decision is final
  • Jewellery is allowed and does not have to be covered. Note: It is strongly recommended that no jewelry of any type be worn in SPO play. If worn, each player is solely responsible for any injury/damage that may be cause by this jewelry. Please refrain from using loose jewelry or keep it secured.
  • Any and all disputes will be resolved with the team captains and umpire only.
  • Any intentional body contact or use of foul language by a player is an immediate ejection from that game and the following one. The player must leave the playing area. If the ejected player refuses to leave and causes a delay in the game they will have 3 additional games added to the original suspension.
  • The league reserves the right to investigate and take further action on any and all ejections
  • Teams are to provide face protection for their catchers, and pitchers but it is an option for the catcher or pitcher to wear the mask provided. They will choose at the start of an inning whether they wish to wear one.
  • Teams are to provide a minimum of 4 helmets for the team, but it is optional for the player to wear one.
  • A maximum of 5 courtesy runners are permitted per game from any position on the field. Courtesy runners are any player of the same gender.
  • Batting Order is up to the team captains
  • Home run rule: 2 UP RULE: Applies to any home run hit over the fence. A team may only be 2 homeruns ahead of the opposing team at any given time, if another home run is hit by the team that is 2 UP; it becomes an automatic out until the opposing team has come within 1 homerun. A ball hit inside the fence area is not considered a home run, for the home run rule.
  • Home Run Retrieval: you hit it; you go get it. Any ball hit for a home run, that player (he/she/team) must retrieve the ball before player who hit the ball can resume play in the infield or outfield. (covid defensive team retrieves the ball)
  • 1st base tag rule: Tagging the runner on their way from batter’s box to first base is allowed.
  • 3rd Base tag rule: no tagging the runner between commitment line and home plate
  • Walk Rule: When a male batter is followed by a female Four consecutive balls results in the player being awarded second base. The next player must hit. i.e If a 0-1 count and finished 4 balls and 1 strike. Player is awarded second base. 
  • Any player ejected from a game is suspended for remainder of that game and the next scheduled game for that team. Team is not penalized with an automatic out unless this brings them below 10 players in the batting order.
  • Initial throw to get an out at home must first be played only by the back catcher at the plate, then if missed, any player may play the ball and touch home plate.
  • There is no ladies line in the outfield.
  • The first play from the outfield cannot be to first base. Play can made to cut off person then to first. Unless it is a catch and the base runner did not tag first. It is considered the second play and a throw is allowed to first.
  • Please ensure that any suspended player is listed at the bottom of the game sheet as serving the suspension for that game.


Only composite bats on the USSA licensed/ Approved bat list are legal for use. To be legal they must be marked with the new “USSSA BPF 1.20” mark. Teams are to provide their own legal bats for use during the game, and provide such bats, as the umpire deems necessary for inspection. Thumb print bats are mandatory. If a team is found to have used an illegal bat the game will be forfeit, not a default and this will be recorded on the score sheet. A second forfeit will be considered a default. If a team is found using an illegal bat(s) 2 or more times the forfeit will be considered a default and the team will be unable to participate in playoffs. Teams continuing to choose the use of illegal bats will result in an executive review and their team’s participation in the league may be jeopardized.


 In the event of rain 4 complete innings will be considered a game. If all games are on a given night are cancelled due to weather a point will be awarded to each team scheduled to play. If only some games in the evening are cancelled due to rain the non-played games will be rescheduled for a later date, an executive meeting will be held to schedule these games.

Code of Conduct

  • There is zero tolerance for any abuse verbal, physical or otherwise of any official or other players.
  • You may be asked to leave the diamond and incur a suspension to be determined by the executive.
  • Substance abuse is not tolerated and you will be asked to leave the diamond

All Other rules unless stated otherwise are SPO Official Rules


1. The “Golden Rule” – Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Show respect for them if you expect it for yourself.
2. Have an understanding and an appreciation of the rules. The spirit of good sportsmanship depends on conforming to the intent of the rule and not looking for a loophole. (Example – all players present must bat so several weak hitters are asked to stay home for an important game.)
3. Enjoy yourself and encourage enjoyment for others. We play sports for recreation so let’s make it that.
4. Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t blame others for your mistakes or find excuses for poor behaviour.
5. Recognize and appreciate good performances, especially by the opponent. Applause for an opponent’s good play demonstrates generosity and courtesy. It shows a true awareness of the game and athletic ability.
6. Exhibit respect for the officials. Umpires are impartial arbitrators who perform to the best of their ability to make sure the game is played fair and within the rules. Mistakes made by all those involved are part of the game and must be accepted.
7. Expect proper behaviour from your teammates. If you allow a teammate to cheat, to play dangerously, to argue and scream at officials, you are condoning that behaviour.